Friday, April 22, 2011

Free Farmville Cash- You Surely Need It

Zynga has come up with something that has become an addiction for Facebook and Apple iphone users, its none other than Farmville.  There are millions and millions of people play this game and show their associations and affiliations with the game. 
Farmville is all about managing virtual farm by plowing land, planting, the skills are tested when it comes to growing and harvesting the crops. It doesn’t stop here, you have to harvest trees and bushes and raise live stock, but you can’t do all this without Farmville cash.  There are ways of getting free Farmville cash; a player needs to know how he or she can get free Farmville cash.
In the start of the game, a player has empty farm.  Initially a player gets fixed amount of coins which are called farm coins, this is the prime currency of the game. Players earn experience points as they perform different actions such as plowing land, planting, harvesting and growing. A player can get free Farmville cash if he completes the levels quickly.            
Mostly Facebook users play Farmville and they play it at their homes, offices etc.  When it comes to getting free Farmville cash, one should concentrate hard and should complete the levels speedily.

You need to be very choosy about the type of crops you grow. The second most important factor to look into is when you grow the crops, so type of crops and growing crops play their crucial part to gain experience points.  These two factors require decision making and planning process. The better and quicker a player takes these decisions, the quicker he can complete the levels.  Completing the levels quickly is always very fruitful to get free Farmville cash.
A player earns farm coins through harvesting of crops. A player pays coins for plowing a unit of land. One has to pay for planting crops on the farm for example tomatoes. The amount of money a crop yields when harvested and the amount of time it takes a crop to grow is heavily depended on its entry in the market.  All these points are very important to get free Farmville cash, so a player must plan out the areas where he or she can get free Farmville cash.
A player can get Farmville cash after completing surveys and offers, this process doesn't take much time.  This is one of the top strategy to get free Farmville cash. Top get free farmville cash follow these steps.

On the top of the Farmville screen you will find a message that says"when big and build a thriving farm"
Step 2
Enter in your email address and zip code
Step 3
Answer a few questions and Surveys and in no time, your free farmville cash is delivered too you in your inbox. So easy i told you!
This is an excellent way to get free farmville cash, and dont forget to tell your friends, i'm sure they would love some cash also!

How To Get Free Farmville Cash

Farmville is Facebook’s most popular application and majority of Facebook users play it. It is one of the most popular virtual online games currently. The concept of the game gives a real time feeling to its users.  The game demands thinking process when it comes to plowing, planting, harvesting and raising live stock, but without Farmville cash it’s not possible. Where to get free Farmville cash is one question a player seeks for when he or she becomes out of cash.
Here are two ways to get free Farmville cash:

Quickly level up to get Farmville cash

The first free Farmville cash can be achieved by attaining a new level. It is advised to complete the levels as faster as you can.  Your cash balance will increase if you start completing the levels quickly.  It asks complete concentration and attentiveness to complete the levels quickly.  You need to be very careful when it comes to the type of crops you grow.
Another very important factor that affects the leveling speed is when somebody grows the crops.  Growing and harvesting virtual crops is an art that requires thought process.  In brief, the more efficient you become in completing the levels, the more free Farmville cash you will get.

Participate in free trial offers and surveys

You must participate in trail offers and surveys. This is one strategy which is preferred by top and frequent Farmville players to get free Farmville cash. The best part of this strategy is that it immediately gives results.  The free trials and surveys are offered by reward companies and websites. These companies have associations with Farmville; you can get Farmville cash instead of real cash. It really shows the passion for the game.
The surveys that you need to complete is no rocket science, they are very easy. These kinds of surveys don’t take a lot of time both so this strategy is always appreciated and advised to get Farmville cash. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete a survey which is very much manageable.
It is very easy to access these trial offers and surveys. Ask a Farmville freak and he will tell you what he or she can do to get free Farmville cash. It really shows the passion for the game that millions of Facebook’s active users play this famous game on daily basis.